In this role, key contributions included adaptive planning, prioritisation, stakeholder engagement, and conflict resolution in a complex environment. A culture of open communication and collaboration was fostered, enhancing team dynamics and success. Active coaching and mentoring within the digital project management community supported professional development.

  • Utilised skills encompassed Agile methodologies, GDS Agile Delivery, DDaT standards, Scrum, Kanban, IT Service Management, DevOps, Cyber Security, and more.
  • Projects spanned data and platform engineering for Covid epidemiology, Covid-19 DataStore management, and rapid response to the Omicron variant, among others.
  • Notable outcomes included 36 sprints, 20 production releases, resolving 3352 blockers and 2236 impediments, and extensive sprint planning and design sessions. Specific technologies included AWS, Azure, Jira, Confluence, and various project management tools.
  • Teams ranged from 6 to 28 members, with collaboration involving suppliers like Deloitte, BAE Systems, and Accenture.