Technology Leadership


Engaged by Ministry of Information and Communication for Cuba in developing & evaluating technology strategies and policies relation to data analytics, dimensional modelling, systems infrastructure & telecommunication for University of Havana & ETECSA (the telecommunications service provider for the island of Cuba).


Provided recommendations which will impact the technology landscape of Cuba for the next decade and its social and economic development by providing of PSTN new public telephone system, increased internet bandwidth from locations (MPLS) where Internet access (WIFI) is used on a collective basis, such as in work places, parks, schools, University and Businesses.

Press Coverage 


Big Data Comes to Cuba to Help Tourism

Originally published as “Cuba Turns To Analytics, Big Data To Help Tourism” on InformationWeek

Cuba approves first public wi-fi hub in Havana

BBC News 

Cuba to offer Wi-Fi at 35 public spaces for the first time