Computacenter plc is a European company that provides computer services to public- and private-sector customers. It is a UK company based in HatfieldHertfordshire. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

Responsible Systems Engineer/Team Leader /Project Manager, Intermigration Projects Leader, Hardware Installation, Software installation, Scripts Author and Technical Adviser. 

Due to my work at Bindley Business Systems as Contractor for Computacenter at Severn Trent Water. CC (Computeracenter) offer my a full time engineering role in 1998! 

I completed a number of projects and migrations since joining the company and worked with a wide range of clients (FTSE 100 & 250).

I worked with hundreds of companies over 7 happy years!

Some of the projects are as follows: 

POCL the Post office Counters Ltd 

  • Liaising with Project Managers., Consultants and POCL on strategies for the migration from their legacy environment to Windows 2003. This involved technical script planning, establishing and maintaining relationships within and across the customer’s IS infrastructure. Full life cycle and risk management of project. Full Project management and technical implement of the migration under Pride strategies, which is Computacenter’s version of Prince 2 methodologies. 
  • Migration from Novell NetWare 5 to Microsoft’s Windows 2003 Server, technical stage manager in Birmingham and Bristol Project managing 10 other engineers as Team Leader. 

Around 500 PCs at each Site. 

  • As the technical stage manager. I was responsible for all problems and completion of the migration on each site. 
  • Hardware installation fibre optic technologies. 

Lord Chancellor’s Department  

I was tasked to liaise with 3rd Parties to resolve technical and logistic issues with the deployment of a new computer and communications project for judges in England and Wales. 

  • Technical Team Leader responsible for re-writing the technical installation scripts for Customer Engineering Engineers. 
  • ·Scheduled installation of hardware and software in various locations throughout the UK. 
  • As Team Leader responsible for the project’s installations on a day-to-day basis. 

Parliamentary Communications Directorate (PCD) 

Parliament Directorate wished that it MP’s constituency offices could feel more a part of Parliament life. 

With new faster technology such as Broadband and VPN, information and communications between parliament and the constituents would be quicker and they could therefore participate in parliamentary life. I was requested to facilitate in the implementation of broadband and VPN into all the constituency offices within the UK. 

My team was responsible for designing the VPN architecture, risk management, cost ownership, producing technical installation scripts and deployment of the project. 

I performed the installation of broadband and VPN for all VIPs, which included cabinet members and the Prime Minster (Tony Bair MP). 

EDS – Inland Revenue 

Technical Adviser on the international installation of Windows 2003 and design of AD on to HP Servers on WAN technologies. Configuration of CISCO System. i.e. routers and switches. 

  • Installation of many different types of hardware from PCI SCSI devices to RAID Controllers 
  • Rack Build Team. The installation of Compaq and HP Blade Servers into Racks. 

 Environment Agency 

Project Pilot Adviser 

I was requested by the client to help scope, cost & implement a Windows 2000 upgrade of its 5000 PCs over multiple sites. This involved technical script planning & writing, risk management and managing the deployment of the upgrade. 

  • Technical Author of Scripts · Costing – due to the way the client was paying for the upgrades, it was important that all costing were within budget. 
  • Stage-managing the implementation. 


Nationwide had a programme to upgrade workstations from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows XP. 

The programme comprised of a number of projects for upgrading divisions of servers and desktops. I was required to work as a team leader on Project 4 Desktops, which comprises of the deployment of aprrox 5.400 desktops. 

I managed 25 engineers and 4 project administrators to complete the following tasks. 

  • Audited 2150 PCs, software and hardware that were location at NorthamptonSale and Liverpool. 
  • Produced this data in a format requested by the client. 
  • Schedule each dept 15 day before deployment, in format requested by the client. 
  • Organising all scheduled PCs to be built and resolving any software or hardware issues escalated to me by the build engineer. Either resolving the issue my self or escalated to number of different areas. 
  • ·Organising Floor Walkers, updating them on any issues that might occur after the migration to Windows 2000. 
  • Managed Costs from engineering resources. 
  • Weekly RAG report to Project Manager stating current work scheduled and outstanding issues. 

Direct line – Royal Bank of Scotland  

My role at direct line was to support 18 Servers, 500 Desktops and 50 Laptops. I was the network administrator for the Birmingham Office. 

  • Support Local LAN & WAN Routes and switches. 
  • Support 18 Servers, Windows NT 4.0 BDC, Windows 2003 AD, Member Server (File and Printer) and Lotus Notes Servers (Email and database) and Novell 4.11, 5 and 6 · Installation and configuration XP Server Management Tools · Support 500 local users on desktops and laptops (Hardware and · Software) · Support Ms Terminal Servers  
  • Install, configure and support CISCO Call Manger  VOIP · Support Firewalls