17 Jun

With over 27 years of extensive hands-on experience – Data Engineering and Agile values and principles are my vocation in life, not just a career choice; I have honed a versatile skill set encompassing both soft and technical proficiencies…

25 Mar

Further in-depth details of my role at the Gambling Commission. The Gambling Commission in the UK oversees the licensing and regulation of gambling businesses. They provide various types of licences and charge fees based on the scale and type…

23 Nov

As a Delivery Manager (Data), I led and coordinated the migration to Microsoft Dynamics and the implementation of a new Microsoft Azure Modern Data Platform. My primary responsibility was to ensure effective project delivery through defining requirements, procuring necessary…

30 Aug

I have led the Squads in different roles over the last two years as Scrum Master, Service Lead / Owner / Delivery Lead (Digital Project Manager for the business) for several products ensuring they are delivered consistently and at…

12 Aug

DACI Decision Making Framework

17 Aug

My role would be described as Technology, Data, and Digital Journey Business Partnering, with a strong focus on rapid problem-solving based on the needs and activities of various service use cases and stakeholders. I have demonstrated a deep understanding…

20 Mar

Download and Installation    To download and install Teams – on Desktops, Laptops, Windows 10, Mac, and your mobiles Apple iOS and Android! Windows 10 – Ensure it the 64-bit version Mac Desktop or Laptop For…

2 Sep

Pip talks to Sasha Korniak, Agile SCRUM technical ninja and all round awesome person. He’s had a wide career and discussions include how technology has helped him and his top five future technology trends and more!   My interview…

30 Jul

Replacing email Outlook, Word and Excel from the operational process. Process engineering for tasks and or workflow Process management

19 Jul

The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is a framework for enterprise architecture that provides an approach for designing, planning, implementing, and governing an enterprise information technology architecture. TOGAF is a high level approach to design. It is typically modeled at four levels: Business, Application…